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Standing Ovation for Michael Voris on Tuesday, January 10th!

The October 14th AOTM 2014 has been canceled.

Why did we cancel the event? Well there are a couple of reasons. The first is I will be out of town (work related) on the 14th. I do the majority of the cooking for the AOTM. I am sometimes able to get other cooks to come and help. Unfortunately neither of those cooks are able to help. We also had difficulty finding opposition to our debate and given time is so short, I determined it was best to cancel the event.

Please know we are not going away, just taking a different approach. I always made sure that no matter what, the event would happen. I can no longer work the AOTM in this way. That approach, involves cramming moths of prep into a couple of weeks. I can't put my volunteers through that any more nor myself and my family. Therefore I would like to ask four men (cooks) to step forward and commit to cooking for the entire season. Two cooks per event is ideal. The other two cooks wait in reserve as back ups. Please help us continue to bring you these events every month as we have for the past 14 years.

Thanks for your support!

Kent Wuchterl

President of AOTM

AOTM Season Kick Off! November 11th Christopher Check

The Crusades: Can You Handle the Truth of what Really Happened?

In November, the AOTM is proud to bring back historian Christopher Check from Catholic Answers as part of our "Anti-Catholic Revisionists Exposed" series. You remember Chris Check telling us what really happened with the Cristeros and what really happened at Lepanto in previous AOTMs. This year he's going to tell us what really happened with the Crusades.