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Past Events
Annual Smoker Event 5/14/2019
Current Events in the Catholic Church 2/12/2019
Why Stay Catholic 10/9/2018
Evolution: At War with Church Teaching or Not? 5/8/2018
What is the future of Catholic Higher Education? 4/10/2018
Do we have a reasonable hope? Will Catholics be saved? 3/13/2018
Comply or be crushed? 2/13/2018
What does it mean to be a Catholic? 1/9/2018
Is the Death Penalty Contrary to the Gospel? 11/14/2017
Fatima After 100 Years and Oktoberfest theme 10/10/2017
Is Catholic Education Catholic Anymore? 5/9/2017
Can a Catholic Support Trump's Immigration Policies? 4/11/2017
The AOTM T'n'T (Truth and Training) Program 2/16/2017
The AOTM T'n'T (Truth and Training) Program 1/19/2017
Is the Church Headed for Civil War? 1/10/2017
The AOTM T'n'T (Truth and Training) Program 11/17/2016
Is Islam a religion of peace? 11/7/2016
Must Catholics Be Never Trumpers? 10/11/2016
Luther's Heresies 9/13/2016
Eucharistic Adoration: Christian Worship or Idolatry? 7/12/2016
Papal Exhortation - The Joy of Love 5/10/2016
What is Pontifical Infallibility? 2/9/2016
Has the Modern Catholic Church abandoned the Great Commission? 1/12/2016
The War of the Vendee 11/10/2015
Communion to the Divorced and Remarried? 10/13/2015
Catholic Defense League: Annual Dinner 9/29/2015
Should Catholics Be Intelligent Designers? 4/14/2015
Should the Eastern Orthodox Return to Full Communion with Rome? 3/10/2015
Pornography and the Catholic Man! 2/10/2015
Confronting the Great Catholic Crisis of our time! 1/13/2015
The Crusades: Can You Handle the Truth of what Really Happened? 11/11/2014
Discrimination? Catholic Schools Sued 5/13/2014
Is Consecrated Celibacy Really Higher than Marriage? 4/8/2014
Clarity and Charity: Toward a Clearer Understanding of the Church's Teaching on Homosexuality 3/11/2014
Has the Catholic Church Been Invaded by Worldly Thinking? 2/11/2014
Health Care Reform and the Catholic Tradition 1/14/2014
Freedom of Religion in America: Inalienable Right, or Devilís Bargain? 11/12/2013
Oct 8th AOTM Oktoberfest Double Header 10/8/2013
The Resistance 5/21/2013
The Annual AOTM Smoker! Cigars, Smoked Pork and heated Debate!
"The Dictatorship of Relativism" - How Catholic Men can respond to the death of logic
The Resistance 4/16/2013
Who's Afraid of Tradition? 4/9/2013
The Resistance 3/19/2013
Will Many Be Saved? 3/12/2013
Do the Gospels Give Us the Real Jesus? 2/12/2013
Moral Considerations on End of Life Issues 1/8/2013
To Be American and Catholic: Avoiding the Heresy of "Americanism" 11/13/2012
Christian Persecution in America: When will it Come to Blood? 10/9/2012
The Cross, the Crescent and the Battle of Lepanto 10/2/2012
Catholic-Protestant Debate/Panel Discussion double header
"Will there be a Honeymoon?" Life after the Marriage Amendment. 5/8/2012
Islam and Catholicism: Enemies or Partners? 4/10/2012
°Viva Cristo Rey! The Cristeros and the Martyrs of the Mexican Revolution 3/13/2012
Mary: Virgin, Queen and Intercessor 2/16/2012
The War For the Soul of Catholicism 1/10/2012
Harry Potter Wants to Know 11/8/2011
The Revolution in Marriage 10/11/2011
The Church in an Age of Permanent Revolution: Can She Survive? 5/10/2011
Catholicism Fighting the Age of Contraception 4/12/2011
The Good News Isn't Always the Nice News 3/8/2011
The Church and the Modern University: Who's the Real Enemy of Science? 2/8/2011
Can Catholics be Masons? 1/11/2011
Sola Scriptura: Classical Catholic-Protestant Debate on Biblical Authority 11/9/2010
Catholic Challenged Culture 10/12/2010
Economic Systems and Your Faith 5/11/2010
In God We Trust: Chesterton vs. Atheism 4/13/2010
St. John Vianney Warrior Priest 3/9/2010
Marian Femininity vs. Modern Femininity 2/9/2010
Vatican II 1/12/2010
Catholic Education: Catholic School Identity 11/10/2009
Real Men Know Freedom is Not Free! 10/13/2009
Catholic Education: Who's Converting Whom? 5/12/2009
Ecumenism: Toward a Clearer Perspective 4/14/2009
To Mortify or not To Mortify? 3/10/2009
Does Catholicism = Pacifism? 2/10/2009
Morality and God 1/13/2009
Catholic Priest Debates Protestant Apologist 11/11/2008
Save the Liturgy, Save the World 10/14/2008
Why Catholics MUST ENGAGE In the Public Policy Debate! 5/13/2008
Straight Talk on Homosexuality: The Catholic Perspective 4/8/2008
Satan! Fairy Tale or Evil Reality? 3/11/2008
Catholic Social Teaching: Why both Liberals AND Conservatives Get it Wrong! 2/12/2008
Thou Shall not Eat 1/8/2008
Religious Liberty: the Road to Secularism? 10/9/2007
The Loss of the Sacred! 5/8/2007
The Crusades, Catholic Imperialism? 4/10/2007
Catholic Men as Citizens 3/13/2007
The West, a Culture Divided and at War With Radical Islam 2/13/2007
World Wide Rise of Militant Islam and Its Ultimate Goal 1/9/2007
Illegal Immigration, Does Social Justice Require Boarders? 11/14/2006
No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church 10/10/2006

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