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Can Catholics be Masons? 1/11/2011
Gentlemen: Things have changed quickly over the last couple of days. We have tried twice to bring you a debate for this January forum of the AOTM. John Salza’s first opponent was Terry Tilton, a former Grand Master Mason. Mr. Tilton was one of the highest ranking Masons in the state and a Protestant Minister to boot. It seemed at first Mr. Tilton would accept, but later backed out for no reason. Mr. Dustin Dufault, a Catholic, Lawyer, York Right Mason and Shriner also tentatively accepted and at the last minute declined without good cause. These guys are the best Minnesota Masons have to offer. However, when the time came for them to defend their positions, they were unable to explain and defend why Catholic and Christians should be Masons. Go figure! The AOTM still brings you our star debater/presenter for the evening, John Salza. Mr Salza will give a great presentation on how Catholicism (Christianity) is not compatible with Freemasonry. This presentation will not disappoint - especially if any of our Mason brothers come and decide to defend their positions during the Q&A.

Hollywood can’t get enough of it. Dan Brown’s made millions off fictional accounts of its role in European history. Even the latest Sherlock Holmes vehicle is inundated with references to it. We’ve all seen the funny hats and the secret handshakes—but what is Masonry really about? Is it, as the conspiracy nuts claim, an international secret society working to eradicate Christianity and launch the New World Order? Or is it something much less sinister?

With all those hospitals and Shrine Circuses how could Masonry be anything but compatible with Christianity? Somebody needs to tell Alex Jones his village is missing their idiot! Right

But, wait a minute! The Catholic Church has condemned Masonry more often over than any other institution. Even as late as November 26, 1983, the Vatican issued an urgent warning against Masonry, noting that "the Church's negative judgment in regard to Masonic associations remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden." That document—prepared by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the current Pope—was approved by Pope John Paul II.

Are John Paul the Great and Pope Benedict XVI a couple of conspiracy nuts?

On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, the Argument of the Month will tackle this question head on. For the first time on a St. Paul stage, a Mason and an ex-Mason will go head-to-head. Was the Catholic Church paranoid to ban the secret societies for three centuries? Was the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, out of his head when he condemned Masonry in 2002 for being "incompatible with Christianity” due to its "possibly-inspired Satanic beliefs”? Were the Southern Baptists drinking the Kool-Aid when they branded Masonry "sacrilegious” for conducting "pagan rituals based on the occult”?

Whether they’re a sinister lot or not, Masons have long held positions of great political power in America, and their fundamental tenets of liberty, equality and fraternity have had a massive impact on the American worldview. Join us in January to decide for yourself whether this is a sinister plot, or a grace from the Divine Architect that should be celebrated by Christians the world over.

John Salza

John Salza is an attorney and popular Catholic apologist, author and speaker. Mr. Salza is the creator of ScriptureCatholic.com, one of the most popular apologetics sites on the Internet.

ScriptureCatholic.com is a veritable library of over 2,000 Scripture citations and over 800 quotes from the early Church Fathers that explain and defend the Catholic Faith. The site also includes a popular Q&A section and other helpful resources.

Mr. Salza is the author of the following books by Our Sunday Visitor: The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith; The Biblical Basis for the Papacy; The Biblical Basis for the Eucharist; and, Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge. He is also the author of The Biblical Basis for Tradition - Why Catholics Don't Rely on Scripture Alone (ACLA Press); The Biblical Basis for Purgatory (St. Benedict Press) and, Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons (TAN Books) and as well as the booklet Honor Your Mother, Defend Your Queen: A Marian Treasury (Relevant Radio). Mr. Salza is the President of Apologetics for the American Catholic Lawyers Association and columnist for The Remnant Newspaper and Catholic Family News.

John Salza is a frequent guest and host on Catholic radio including Searching the Word, The Drew Mariani Show, Kresta in the Afternoon and The Voice of Catholic Radio. Mr. Salza has an apologetics feature on Relevant Radio called "Relevant Answers” which runs six times a day, seven days a week. He also has a daily apologetics spot on the Eternal Word Television Network’s (EWTN) Global Catholic radio program called "Catholic Q&A.” Mr. Salza has appeared numerous times on EWTN to discuss a variety of apologetics topics.

Dustin Dufault

Dustin R. DuFault, a registered patent attorney, has been practicing intellectual property law in the Twin Cities for more than the past ten years.

Dustin originally hails from the far reaches of northwest Minnesota, where he was baptized Catholic, was an altar boy and attended Catholic elementary school. For the past ten years, Dustin has also been a Mason, becoming both a Scottish and York Rite Mason, as well as becoming a Shriner.

Dustin is currently the Master of Unizar Lodge #347 which meets in St. Paul, as well as the Grand Lodge of Minnesota Representative to Chile. Dustin considers himself a Catholic, even though he has been told by others that he is not because of his involvement in Masonry.

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Adult General Admission: $20 and
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Come share conversation, refreshments and appetizers with other guys then enjoy a fabulous "Manly Meal”. After that, listen to a great debate on the things that matter most. Men of all creeds and ages are welcome to join in the good humor, food, and fellowship. Priests and seminarians get in free but will not be shown partiality in debate. Fathers are encouraged to bring their minor sons.

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