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The Revolution in Marriage 10/11/2011
AOTM Welcomes Thomas Fleming to Kick-Off Its New Season

Mark your calendars now for what promises to be our most informative and provocative season to date.  The Argument of the Month returns from its summer break, taking up right where we left off in May…The French Revolution.

If you believe that the battle for marriage is a recent phenomenon don’t miss our October 11th event.  Dr. Thomas Fleming will argue that the present assault on matrimony is only a more flagrant manifestation of the degradation of this sacrament that finds its genesis in the years leading up to the Revolutions that toppled monarchies across Europe.  Our current enfeebled and divided popular understanding of marriage is the inevitable result of the perverted concept of marriage that emerged from the Enlightenment philosophy of the French Revolution.   This concept stands in stark contrast to the traditional, Christian concept of marriage as a sacrament uniting a man and a woman in "one flesh” that was taught by the fathers of the church and upheld through the centuries of Christendom.

Thomas Fleming is the editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture and president of The Rockford Institute.  He is the author of several books, including The Morality of Everyday Life.  Dr. Fleming also writes a regular blog for the Daily Mail.

What's on the Menu
Beer cheese bread dip with lots of bacon
A great German-style cheese dip flavored with bacon, onion, herbs and of course beer.
Beer Brats
These sausages are grilled and then slow cooked in onions, peppers, in Bavarian style sauerkraut and of course lots and lots of beer! These brats have been the rave since we started eight years ago. Our side dish, German roasted potatoes. The potatoes are roasted covered in herbs, onions, garlic and bacon bits.
Apple Crisp
Apple crisp covered in whipping cream of course

AOTM General Event Information

4:00pm Social Hour, Appetizers and Cigars in Tent
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Debate
9:30 Wrap Up
Adult General Admission: $20
Minor General Admission: $15
(One cost for both tickets at the door) and
(Sons under 21).

Note: Next Season, the ticket cost on line will be less than at the door. Please buy tickets online! It helps us keep costs down and manage the event more effectively!

Audio Files
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The Revolution in Marriage Thomas Fleming 10/11/2011 Talk/Debate MP3 Download

Event Speakers

Thomas Fleming

Pine Valley Associates, Inc.
Dan Selner
(651) 994-9550
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