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The War For the Soul of Catholicism 1/10/2012
After a month off, the AOTM welcomes back Michael Voris on January 10 to kick off the New Year.

In all ages the faith is a battle and ours is no different.  What makes these days particularly difficult is the confusion and disorientation so often present in those very places from which clarity and order should come.  Even those who strive to be faithful Catholics can sincerely wonder whose example to follow.  During particular troubled times in the history of the Church, it has been said that "Peter is sleeping" - a brief examination of Church history will reveal that our age is not the first to experience a lack of leadership.  Amidst scandals and dereliction of authority, these same sentiments ring true today.  As the influence of the Church weakens, culture has turned rapidly anti-Christian and grows increasingly so year by year.  So what can we do about it?

Join us on January 10th as Michael Voris provides his insights on how to battle for the soul of Catholicism.  In addition to his standard presentation, Mr. Voris will be asked probing, practical questions that go to the heart of the dilemma we face.  How are our energies best spent in a culture so hostile to the Catholic faith?  Where do we draw the line between taking a stand and unjustified disobedience, both in terms of the obedience we owe to civil and religious authority?  To whom do we look for direction?  What is the place for Catholic action in culture at large and must we accept that we're fighting a losing battle?  There are no simple answers, but that doesn't mean we can pretend these aren't important questions.  On January 10, 2012 The Argument of the Month will ask them.  What will Mr. Voris answer?
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AOTM General Event Information

4:00pm Social Hour, Appetizers and Cigars in Tent
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Debate
9:30 Wrap Up
Adult General Admission: $20
Minor General Admission: $15
(One cost for both tickets at the door) and
(Sons under 21).

Note: Next Season, the ticket cost on line will be less than at the door. Please buy tickets online! It helps us keep costs down and manage the event more effectively!

Audio Files
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The War For the Soul of Catholicism Michael Voris 01/10/2012 Talk/Debate MP3 Download
The War For the Soul of Catholicism Michael Voris 01/10/2012 Q&A MP3 Download

Event Speakers

Michael Voris

Pine Valley Associates, Inc.
Dan Selner
(651) 994-9550
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