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Do the Gospels Give Us the Real Jesus? 2/12/2013
Do the Gospels give us the Real Jesus?  Not just a beautiful tale of an idealized figure, but the real man of Galilee?  The Catholic Church says that they do.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that "The Church holds firmly that the four Gospels, 'whose historicity she unhesitatingly affirms, faithfully hand on what Jesus, the Son of God, while he lived among men, really did and taught for their eternal salvation, until the day when he was taken up'” (para. 126).  

Is this claim defensible?  Many voices in contemporary culture say no, arguing the foundations of Christian belief are built on sand—including the Gospels.  They argue that there is no way to read the Gospels without concluding that the Bible provides no credible account of Jesus or evidence that Christianity is true.   The Gospels are inconsistent and unhistorical, certainly not any kind of reasonable evidence for Christian belief.

Leroy Huizenga disagrees. Director of the Christian Leadership Center and  Chair of the theology department at the University of Mary (Bismarck, ND), Huizenga has a doctorate in New Testament from Duke University.  Once a Protestant minister, Huizenga is now a Catholic.  He will argue that yes, the Christian foundations of the Gospels are solid.  If we read them with the proper historical and philosophical lenses we will see that they faithfully hand on what Jesus did and said and provide a credible witness to the truth of Catholic Christian faith. 

Come hear the great Gospel debate live and in person--only at Argument of the Month!

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AOTM General Event Information
4:00pm Social Hour and Appetizers
5:10pm Rosary in the Church
5:30pm Traditional Latin Mass
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Main Presentation/Debate
9:30pm Wrap Up

Adult General Admission: $20 and
Minor General Admission: $15 (Sons under 21).

Come share conversation, refreshments and appetizers with other guys then enjoy a fabulous "Manly Meal”. After that, listen to a great debate on the things that matter most. Men of all creeds and ages are welcome to join in the good humor, food, and fellowship. Priests and seminarians get in free but will not be shown partiality in debate. Fathers are encouraged to bring their minor sons.

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Do the Gospels Give Us the Real Jesus? Leroy Huizenga 02/12/2013 Talk/Debate MP3 Download

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Leroy Huizenga

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