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Who's Afraid of Tradition? 4/9/2013
In answer to objections of Evangelicals and others who deny tenants of the Catholic faith are scriptural, the typical response is that the Catholic faith is founded upon a tradition passed down through the ages from Christ and his disciples and given to us here today.  There is nigh a Catholic apologist who will not invoke "Tradition" as the companion to scripture in answer as to why we as Catholics believe in Purgatory or the Immaculate Conception.  How committed are we to our Traditions though?

Ours is an age dominated by the notion of progress and the hope that tomorrow will always be better than today.  Tradition, despite whatever lip service it's paid, receives little application in daily affairs that must be molded to the demands of a culture that's increasingly obsessed with novelty and change, worthy of belief or not.  The simple fact that a parish life today bares little resemblance to parish life 100 years or even 50 years ago bears witness that at some point the Church became concerned with updating it's image as well.  The calls for the new Pope to further change (update?) the Church's image suggests this is a continuing concern.

In April, AOTM hosts Fr. Michael Rodriguez to discuss the importance of tradition to Catholic spiritual life.  Fr. Rodriguez, a priest in the diocese of El Paso, received national attention after appearing, dressed in a cassock, to speak against gay marriage in front of the Texas legislature.  He has spoken consistently in defense of the rights of the Church and has devoted considerable effort to restore to his parish a sense of the sacred traditions liturgical and otherwise.  His efforts have not been without difficulty and their detractors.  He comes to us as a priest who has declared his allegiance without ambiguity and who is fighting the good fight.

What is the proper balance between recognizing that times change and holding fast to what's been handed down to us?  Have we abandoned things we should have held sacred and perhaps most importantly, can we go back?  Fr. Rodriguez will be on hand April 9th to help us find our way.

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