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Economic Systems and Your Faith 5/11/2010
"Times they are a changing" and what are we as Catholics to make of the social struggles in the Western world, in particular the US. Will the US continue to be a free market society or become a socialist democracy like Europe? Where do these different philosophies take us? What are the dangers of these philosophies? Where does the Catholic Church stand on socialism, capitalism and is there an alternative? Come to the next AOTM Forum and find out for your self!

"Economic Systems and Your Faith Life: Put Your Money Where Your Faith Is."

Socialist position (Liberal view or Social Justice) As of 6:30pm 5-10-2010 Speaker X will not be able to debate at tomorrow's AOTM forum. He is is part of the State legislature and must decline given the recent change of events at our state capital. This forum has now become a two man debate.

Capitalist position: David Paul Deavel - Associate editor of Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture and a contributing editor for Gilbert Magazine. He is currently completing a doctoral dissertation in theology for Fordham University entitled "Under Judgment: The Threat of Eternal Damnation in the Thought of John Henry Newman." He has taught at both the University of St. Thomas and the St. Paul Seminary. His writing has appeared in academic journals such as Faith & Reason, Journal of Markets and Morality, Logos, New Blackfriars, and Pro Ecclesia; as well as more popular outlets including America, Books & Culture, Catholic World Report, The Christian Century, Commonweal, First Things, National Catholic Register, Touchstone and elsewhere. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with his wife Catherine, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of St. Thomas, and their four sons.

Alternative position (distributivism) Robert Hanten - Investment Advisor Representative of Workman Securities Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC, Eden Prairie, MN.

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AOTM General Event Information

4:00pm Social Hour, Appetizers and Cigars in Tent
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Debate
9:30 Wrap Up
Adult General Admission: $20
Minor General Admission: $15
(One cost for both tickets at the door) and
(Sons under 21).

Note: Next Season, the ticket cost on line will be less than at the door. Please buy tickets online! It helps us keep costs down and manage the event more effectively!

Event Speakers

David Deavel

Robert Hanten

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