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Freedom of Religion in America: Inalienable Right, or Devil’s Bargain? 11/12/2013

Obamacare Mandates Catholic Hospitals to Provide Contraception

Catholic Adoption Agency Closes Its Doors, Homosexual Couple Wins

Catholic Military Chaplains Forced to Resign after DADT Lifted

Court Rules Catholic School Must Teach Evolution

US Army Training Brief Declares Catholicism ‘Dangerous Extremist Group’

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Catholics Labeled America’s Largest Hate Group

The courts, the military, federal, state and local governments, and the left-wing thought police are all closing in on Christians!



Joe Biden Has "Freedom of Religion.” So Does Nancy Pelosi.

John Kerry and the Kennedys Have It Too!

Will We Retain Ours Only by Ceasing to be Faithful Catholics? ___________________________________________________

You Be the Judge as Two First Amendment Lawyers Go Head-to-Head:

Erick Kaardal, University of Chicago Law School


Christopher Ferrara, Fordham University Law School

Freedom of Religion in America:

Inalienable Right, or Devil’s Bargain?

Catholics have seen an increasing rise in hostility toward our religious liberties in the recent past.  There have been many in the culture who disagree with Catholicism, but now our religious liberties are under attack from a number of places. 

From the HHS mandate, to the recent issue of Catholic military chaplains being denied the ability to serve mass on military bases, to Catholics being put on a list of extremist groups as part of military training programs, one has to ask themselves, "Are we as Catholics on the path to losing our religious liberties in America?"

And in the public arena, Catholics could not even maintain traditional marriage in Minnesota with the backing of the Archbishop. 

We at the AOTM would like to disscuss/debate this crisis.

We will begin by laying the ground work for this debate with a presentation at 6pm that will review historically what the Church says about religious liberty.

Next at 7:45pm, we will move into a panel debate and ask the question "Have Catholics lost the struggle for religious freedom in the America?"  If so, why and where do we go from here?

Joining in for the panel discussion will be John Niemann, Headmaster of Chesterton Academy, an independent, classical high school.  John has a law degree from William Mitchell College of Law.

Also, this event provides you the opportunity to meet and talk to former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer!  Tom will be there from 5pm to 6pm to hang out and talk with us men (he is not debating).  Tom is running for Congress in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District (Michele Bachmann’s seat) and was part of the Davis and Emmer morning show on Twin Cities News Talk 1130AM.

The doors will be open by 5pm so come early to meet Tom!


Social/apps at 5:00
Debate at 6:00
Dinner at 7:00
Panel discussion at 7:45

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AOTM General Event Information

4:00pm Social Hour, Appetizers and Cigars in Tent
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Debate
9:30 Wrap Up
Adult General Admission: $20
Minor General Admission: $15
(One cost for both tickets at the door) and
(Sons under 21).

Note: Next Season, the ticket cost on line will be less than at the door. Please buy tickets online! It helps us keep costs down and manage the event more effectively!

Event Speakers

Christopher Ferrara

Erick Kaardal

John Niemann

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