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Confronting the Great Catholic Crisis of our time! 1/13/2015


"Confronting the Great Catholic Crisis of our Time!"

For several decades, confusion has plagued the Catholic Church because of the great crisis that has engulfed Her human element. The Church can never fail, of course, but in her human element she can and often is afflicted by the powers of darkness. Christ Himself asked the question: "When the Son of Man returns will He find faith?"

Well, will He? Do you still believe? Will your sons still believe twenty-five years from now?

Today, that which Catholics are hearing from authority in the Church oftentimes no longer seems consistent with orthodox Catholic teaching as defined by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and this culture of contradiction in the Church is only getting worse. The problem in years past was isolated to a priest here, a Bishop there and a theologian over there. However the problem has now spread all the way to the hierarchy of the Church. And now unorthodox teachings threaten, not just an isolated parish or diocese but the Church as a whole. It affects us, our children, our families, and at every level weíre all asking the question: What is happening to the Catholic Church?

A Case in Point

This past October the Synod on the Family called by Pope Francis was supposed to discuss issues confronting marriage and the family, but instead the Synod was hijacked by liberal churchmen to such an extent that Cardinal Raymond Burke referred to its midterm report as "one of the saddest documents that I could imagine ever coming from the Church" Many of us were horrified with this idea that was presented in the report, that there could somehow be good elements in mortally sinful acts. This is impossible."

Why was Cardinal Burke so upset? Because under the guise of establishing greater pastoral sensitivity, some of the liberal Synod Fathers tried to convey the impression that homosexual acts and adultery are no longer mortal sins. This was not acceptable to His Eminence and to many bishops and cardinals.

The result? A de facto civil war broke out, with cardinals fighting cardinals and bishops fighting bishops.

Reflecting on the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan said the controversial midterm report was steeped in "radical neo-pagan ideology," "heterodox" views, and an "agenda reflect[ing] the corrupt and pagan mainstream morality of our time."

Bishop Schneider warned us: "This is the first time in Church history that such a heterodox text was actually published as a document of an official meeting of Catholic bishops under the guidance of a pope," and His Excellency called on all Catholics to "refuse to conform to the neo-pagan spirit of this world, even when this spirit is spread by some bishops and cardinals."

So, what are Catholic men to think when cardinals and bishops clash over defined dogmas of the Church? (In other words, debating teachings that cannot be changed) Men are left in confusion.

As the leader of the AOTM, I decided what was needed was some clarity on the issues and good direction. So I turned to Father Echert, the AOTM spiritual leader, and asked him to give us direction for the road ahead.

What are Catholic men supposed to do when legitimate authority canít always be trusted?

What are our duties? What our obligations? What did our fathers do in similar crises in history?

Come to the AOTM on Tuesday and letís prepare to defend our Church and keep the faith. Come for some straight talk on the issues that matter most and, if you disagree, this is your chance to let your voice be heard. We are bringing the debate to you" the audience" with a town hall meeting that will include multiple microphones manned by our veteran moderators so you can "grille the priest" and help us all to understand where we as Catholic men stand.

Men: We simply cannot sit this crisis out! Holy Mother Church needs all of her sons right now! See you there!

Kent Wuchterl


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AOTM General Event Information
4:00pm Social Hour and Appetizers
5:10pm Rosary in the Church
5:30pm Traditional Latin Mass
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Main Presentation/Debate
9:30pm Wrap Up

Adult General Admission: $20 and
Minor General Admission: $15 (Sons under 21).

Come share conversation, refreshments and appetizers with other guys then enjoy a fabulous "Manly MealĒ. After that, listen to a great debate on the things that matter most. Men of all creeds and ages are welcome to join in the good humor, food, and fellowship. Priests and seminarians get in free but will not be shown partiality in debate. Fathers are encouraged to bring their minor sons.

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Confronting the Great Catholic Crisis of our time! Father John Echert 01/13/2015 Talk/Debate MP3 Download
Confronting the Great Catholic Crisis of our time! Father John Echert 01/13/2015 Q&A MP3 Download

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Father John Echert

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