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Pornography and the Catholic Man! 2/10/2015
"Have you ever noticed all of the culture war is about one issue? Abortion, same-sex marriage, homosexuality, pornography, stem cell research, divorce, in vitro fertilization, adultery, promiscuity, sex education and they are all about one issue - sex!"
- John-Henry Weston Quoting Peter Kreeft at the AOTM 10/09/12 http://www.aotmclub.com/Media

Our society has become addicted to sex. Advertisers, entertainers, educators, professional sports - sex is the name of the game. And it is easy to see that when sex is perverted and abused we ultimately pervert and abuse ourselves, our family and the whole of society.

Case and point, the day before St. Valentineís Day this year, a sick and twisted pornographic movie, billed as a love story (!), will hit the theaters. Pornography is no longer something found only in seedy red light districts in dangerous parts of town. Itís going mainstream!

Itís all over your cable TV lineup!
Itís in your kitchen on your own computer!
Itís on your kidís smart phone!
Itís everywhere!

On Tuesday, February 10th, at St. Augustineís Catholic Church in South St. Paul, EWTN personality, Steve Wood addresses one of the most serious moral problems facing men today:

"Pornography and the Catholic Man!"

Steve Wood is a leading speaker on the issue and he is on a crusade to help Catholic men recognize the seriousness of the problem. (Warning: While Mr. Wood will not delve into the sordid details of this rot, we donít necessarily recommend this one for guys under 16.)

The AOTM is going to war to defend our sons and daughters from an army of perversion who want their bodies and their souls. Join us and letís fight back!
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AOTM General Event Information

4:00pm Social Hour, Appetizers and Cigars in Tent
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Debate
9:30 Wrap Up
Adult General Admission: $20
Minor General Admission: $15
(One cost for both tickets at the door) and
(Sons under 21).

Note: Next Season, the ticket cost on line will be less than at the door. Please buy tickets online! It helps us keep costs down and manage the event more effectively!

Audio Files
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Pornography and the Catholic Man! Steve Wood 02/10/2015 Talk/Debate MP3 Download
Pornography and the Catholic Man! Steve Wood 02/10/2015 Q&A MP3 Download

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Steve Wood

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