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David PenceDavid Pence

Dr. David Pence was born in 1946. He attended Benilde High school when it was all male and Nazareth Hall Seminary when it was steeped in Latin, Greek , the classics and a beautiful liturgical life of communal prayer and Eucharist. He was a civil rights activist in the sixties as well as an antiwar draft resister in the same era. He is proud of his work in the civil rights movement and ashamed of his part in the antiwar disgrace. He was imprisoned for a year in sandstone Federal Prison during that time and believes he deserved every day and more for his sins.

After rehabilitation, Dr Pence received a BA from the University of Minnesota in physiology and a MD from the Uof M medical school. He did his residency in radiation oncology at the Uof M and has worked as a physician treating cancer for 20 years. In 2007 ,while working part time as a physician he enrolled at Minnesota State University in Mankato where he received his secondary teaching license with specialties in Earth and Space Sciences and the Life Sciences. He works in the summer and vacations as a doctor but is now a full time science teacher in Chemistry, Ecology, and Physical Science at Loyola Catholic School in Mankato.

Dr Pence is also the science teacher in Biology and Physical Science for the IVE minor seminary at his parish St Peter and Paul In Mankato. Dr Pence was the editor of a magazine on Minneapolis History and Politics called City Fathers. He has written several pamphlets on priestly reform and masculine fraternity in the Archdiocese in St Paul and the University of St Thomas. Those writings are at the website docsociety.org. He has written a book Religion Sex and Politics: for men only which is available on Amazon.com. Dr Pence is married with eight children and in Mankato is considered a respectable citizen.
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