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The Argument of the Month is a labor of love. We are owned and managed by men who volunteer their time. Nobody gets paid. This allows us to give you—the men of the AOTM—the most bang for your buck.

Trouble is, we don't have a fat-fat financial angel to back us up. But on a shoestring budget, we have managed to bring you world-class debaters from all over the United States—guys that are the best at what they do, experts, FOX NEWS commentators, the very best! At the same time, we've made every effort to make the famous AOTM Manly Meals even better, and we have expanded our bar to include quality beers and wines and now even mixed drinks.

All great, until something beyond our control goes wrong—such as, when our event lands on Election Night 2016. We had an off night with low attendance in November. This hit the limited AOTM pocketbook hard, and we have been running in the red ever since.

We're confident that with your help, the AOTM will be back in black. We are livestreaming our events now, as you know, which is expensive but which also enables us to get other men (besides our loyal Minnesota base) to share AOTM operating expenses. We've got some very cool surprises coming for you in the New Year, but we can't get there without a little help from our friends.

Please, help us keep the AOTM going in 2017!

We need your help. Some of us are putting our own savings into this apostolate just to get it over this hump. Why? Because we believe in it just that much. Please, brothers, I would not ask if it wasn't just that tenuous. Together we can do this! Help me keep the AOTM an important part of the lives of Catholic men here in Minnesota and now all over the country.

The AOTM needs you right now, brothers.

Donate today, and our team promises to do the rest! Your donations are deductible. God bless, and I hope to see you in the 2017 season.

God Bless
Kent Wuchterl
AOTM President

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